Synthetic grass is very often associated with the idea that it is a product that is only used for sports pitches/playing surfaces. However, synthetic grass uses are varied and many. Thanks to its many apparent benefits, like low maintenance, water conservation and visual appeal, many people are turning to artificial lawns for residential and commercial properties to brighten up their space. Some of the many examples of synthetic grass uses are;

  1. Putting Greens: Many mini-golf course designers use synthetic grass to cut down on maintenance needs. You can also use it for putting greens on golf courses or for private putting greens at home.
  2. Residential Landscaping: People looking for a low maintenance lawn often opt for artificial grass because it does not have to be mowed or fertilised and it still stays green.
  3. Sports Fields: Often synthetic turf is used for football as well many other sporting fields. In these cases artificial grass is not just used for its looks, but also for its soft quality. It in turn can help cut down on injuries.
  4. Playgrounds: Similarly, many daycares, parks and schools are turning to artificial grass for their playground areas to give students a safer place to play.
  5. Businesses: If business owners want a green space for their staff to relax both indoors ad outdoors, they turn to artificial grass.
  6. Balconies: Some apartment dwellers look for ways to add greenery to their space. Grass on balconies is a great option for them.
  7. Gyms: Because of its quality padding, many gyms are even installing artificial grass. It adds a unique look, and provides traction and padding.

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