Frequently Asked Questions.

Some common questions about our Synthetic Grass.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Please find a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about our synthetic grass. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at 01 – 626 3496 or on our contact page and we will be more than happy to answer them.

What is synthetic grass?

The latest generation of synthetic grass is a grass-like ground cover that replicates lush natural grass in appearance and function. When used on athletic fields, it provides a consistent year-round, all-weather playing surface built to withstand extended use without downtime for recovery. As a landscape cover, synthetic grass provides a low maintenance, weed-free surface that doesn’t need to be watered or fertilised. Also, it is available in styles that look like the grass types that are prevalent locally.

What are the advantages of installing synthetic grass?

The main advantages of artificial grass over real garden grass are the savings in terms of money and time especially on lawn maintenance. There is no lawn mower to buy and maintain. Furthermore, there is no need for chemicals like is needed for real grass to keep it green. In addition, it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

Low maintenance – savings on time and upkeep costs. This applies to homeowners and the elderly for whom maintenance is not convenient or practical.

No watering – This is ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

Better for the environment – No need for pesticides and mowing.

Ideal for areas of heavy usage – With no more slippery and muddy areas or muddy shoes and muddy dogs coming into the house.

All year round green – Aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year. Also no more yellow patches on your lawn or weeds coming up in your manicured grass.

Clean and hygienically safe – Pets cannot discolour or physically damage it.

How is the new generation of synthetic turf different from that of the past?

Increasing demand for high quality playing surfaces and intense competition for field accessibility has given rise to a new generation of synthetic grass systems that replicate the look and feel of lush, natural grass. While the first artificial grass systems used in the 1960’s and 1970’s were hard, significant advancements have been made during the past few decades. By the 1990’s, the first synthetic grass systems with sand and rubber infill were introduced, which dramatically improved player performance and safety. Today’s synthetic grass, used by member associations and teams of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the International Rugby Board and other international sports federations, combines the playing characteristics, look and feel of natural grass, with the advantages of increased frequency of usage, extra revenue generation, safety, longer playing sessions, fewer cancelled games, and lowest cost-per-playing day.

How popular is synthetic grass for landscape and recreation use?

Synthetic grass for landscape, golf and other recreation applications is the fastest growing segment of the synthetic grass market. Over 35 million square feet of synthetic grass for landscape and recreation use was installed in 2012.

Is there a warranty?

All our grass comes with a fully written 10 year warranty.  Our install service comes also with a limited warranty.

How real does it look?

Our grass is designed to look as similar to real grass as possible and the look is fantastic once installed. You can also by brushing it give the look of a perfectly mowed lawn if required which also looks great.

How is it fitted?

See our installation page at for full details.

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